33 replies to LS Land 17 – Set 16

  1. LSfan

    She is the first LS girl I fell in love with. She is beyond stunning. Thank you sweetie! I will never forget you.

  2. lsTriptease

    Slow striptease is best, love the LS style where young girls peel off and show us their items of clothing which hid the last bits of skin

  3. alfared33

    Dasha Anya,quite possibly the most famous LS Model the world over.
    Also responsible for the millions of Hebe fans.
    Absolutely stunning.

  4. California Yakolev

    If I ever became filthy-rich, she is the first for whom I would draw
    a $1 million U.S. check, fly East, and offer an “indecent “proposal”
    to her. ALWAYS my favorite; cutest and prettiest of the LS models!

  5. Quader

    Now that’s a cunning stunt, not bald and not too much hair. Yummy. The perfect puss. Incredible firm tits too. More of this hottie please

  6. Noone

    OMG, Thank you so much for her, please,please, you have already published the cowgirl sets, but please include her cowgirl set, and if posible, more sets of her.

  7. Major Erectus

    Never saw her before she’s F A B. Are there more sets ? So beautiful she ought to be in movies

  8. pdf

    Oh My Goddess

    The Forbidden Fruit cover girl!

    Some of the photos from this and from her cowboy set was what seduced me to the Light Side (LS).

  9. Brink

    Mmmmm Dasha. She’s perfect here. In this set at this age. Her breasts are SO perfect here. Her pussy lips are develped perfectly here, pubes, everything. She developed early and I never was a fan of those early sets. But here she’s the perfect ripe age that if she wanted, I couldn’t say no.

  10. Rod Steel

    Oh my goodness who is this delicious honey cunny and where can I find more sets? The most beautiful sexy teen ever

  11. Pumping Peter

    Please, I beg of you Easternblog site, more of the gem they call Dasha! Even if it’s only one picture. My need is immense, intense.

  12. DD53

    yes Dasha was the best she makes me so hard looking at her young body love her perfect titts she was so sexy perfect little body they always model her the right way good job girl 🙂

  13. O. R. G. Asm

    Last night for the first time in my life I dreamed I was having sex — no lie, the first time — and it was with her. It was so real. Dasha took my dream-sex cherry !

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