14 replies to LS Land 17 – Set 5

  1. Anonymous

    OMG! Now we’re getting to it! Hot young and bold with the right provocative poses, more of this, please!

  2. Benson

    what took so long? She does pink teens I think the names are Khristina and Larisa. But I’m not interested in those sets she changed. These sets her solo sets probably a year or two earlier look at her she is pure beauty. Before she plucked her eyebrows and just changed. This is when she was perfection.

    She has other solo sets may I request them as now you know who she is. She’s gorgeous.absolutely stunning. I’m really hoping other people shout out for you to get her other solo sets.

    Oh and thank you very much

  3. Anonymous

    I agree with benson. more of her sets, more of her friend from the time they modeled for LS and more of more of the LS models of that age…

  4. Benson

    Ahhhh no no no….anonymous wrote and her friend Larisa… No no no no…… these awesome people here we want the solo sets of Khristina.. and yeah she is so pretty.

  5. Anonymous

    Her asshole looks sooo tight! You can see the difference in her later pink teens shoots. Obviously still innocent here

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