6 replies to LS Magazine 11 – Set 5

  1. LS Boy

    Love their tiny nipples!
    Love their moderate long lips!!
    Thank you for posting!!!
    Why those strawberry are almost rotten!?

  2. HebeLuvr

    I think the best 2 girl set in all of LS, as far as both girls being equally incredible. I have solo sets of the beauty with the freckle on her nipple, but I can’t recall any solo or other sets of the second girl, and she is simply AMAZING! Does anyone know if she did do any other sets? Or her name so I can try to find her from other companies? Such sumptuous, luscious, beautiful labia on her! Both girls, really, but that perfect age where the pussy is still smooth and hairless but it has grown in above it, a beautiful little patch to adorn the treasure, is just WONDERFUL. She’s been captured at that time here, truly special.

  3. Youngfever

    I agree HebeLuvr!! The other girl is so beautiful and sexy, perfect labia ready to be licked and sucked on and absolutely perfect breasts, not overdeveloped. Both are stunning!

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